Fishbourne Roman Palace and Gardens Fishbourne Roman Way, England, PO19 3QR

Fishbourne Roman Palace, or Fishbourne Roman Villa as it’s sometimes known, is the largest Roman home in Britain. Spend your day exploring fascinating Roman remains, the largest collection of mosaics in situ. in the UK, and visit the Fishbourne Roman Palace Café for a tasty bite.

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Fishbourne Roman Palace is waiting to be explored. Inside this first-century home and outstanding archaeological site you can get hands-on at exciting family events and marvel at the largest collection of early Roman mosaic floors in Britain.

Gladiators at Fishbourne Roman Palace

Gladiators at Fishbourne Roman Palace

When was it discovered?

Discovered in 1960, the North Wing of the Roman villa at Fishbourne is an important attraction for anyone interested in learning more about Roman life, art and architecture.

Dating back to the beginning of the Roman occupation of Britain, the Roman Palace offers visitors of all ages a unique experience.

Among the remarkable remains of the North Wing, lie over twenty mosaics including the spectacular Cupid on a Dolphin. Visitors can also view the under-floor heating system, and corridors from the elevated walkways.

How did it look in Roman times?

If you’re curious to know how Fishbourne Palace may have looked when it was first built, enjoy the introductory film on show at the Palace showing how it may have looked 2,000 years ago.

Free guided tours are also available every day if you’re keen to know more.

Roman objects 

Fishbourne Roman Palace’s Museum Gallery displays a wide range of Roman objects found during excavations on the site.

Step back in time as you admire these rare finds and compare them with what we have today. From beautiful jewellery, personal items and a sculptured marble head that is believed to be a rare image of the Emperor Nero as a child, you’ll be surprised what’s in store.

An image showing a person dressed as a Roman Soldier at Fishbourne Roman Palace

Fishbourne Roman Palace Gardens

While visiting the Palace, immerse yourself in the beautiful Roman garden, carefully replanted to its original plan, featuring box hedging and staked espalier fruit trees.

Step beyond the archaeology into the plant display area, displaying herbs and vegetables of the period, including those used in cooking, medicines and dyeing.

Find out more by venturing into the Roman Garden Museum; a delightful experience for gardeners of all ages.

Can dogs visit?

Well-behaved dogs are welcome in the Collections Discovery Centre and gardens at Fishbourne Roman Palace.

Due to the historic nature of the site and the wildlife that calls it home, it’s asked that you keep dogs on short leads at all times. There are also some Dog Free Zones.

Assistance dogs are – of course – welcome across the whole site.

The Cafe at the Palace

Located in the grounds of the Fishbourne Roman Palace and Gardens, refresh and refuel at The Café at the Palace. Passers-by and cyclists are also fortunate enough to benefit from the cafe’s location, with the Centurion Way cycle route close by.


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