Great Beaches in Selsey

Known across the world for Selsey crab, the seaside town of Selsey is home to miles of wild and wonderful beaches. Whether you're looking for a day of beach fun, water sports or coastal walks, you'll be spoilt for choice here.

Which beach?

The beaches of Selsey boast crystal clear waters that are popular with snorkellers and divers – there’s a whole underwater world waiting to be discovered here just a short distance from the shore.

Are the beaches dog friendly?

Dogs are welcome on most of these beaches apart from the exception of East Beach which has an area restricted for dogs from 1 May - 30 September (signposted). 

Snorkelling and Diving

Selsey is a great place for snorkelling and diving. The clean and clear waters reveal a surprising abundance of sea-life and offer a great underwater experience. ​  To ensure your safety in the water, as with all water sports, tuition is advised.  Mulberry Marine Experiences, based in Selsey offers tuitiion in snorkelling, scuba and free diving as well as guided snorkels and shore experiences.

Selsey's seas are home to important Marine Conservation Zones: Selsey Bill and the Hounds. Designated in 2019, these zones are important for their high biodiversity and the huge variety of species living among the varied habitats. Further off shore is the Mixon Hole, a 20m drop in the seafloor which is home to a wide variety of habitats and species. Divers here can explore anemones, worms, crabs, lobsters, sponges, molluscs and sea squirts. 



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