Explore Roman Chichester

Explore the evidence of the Roman occupation of Chichester and surrounding areas.

Noviomagus Reginorum was an important Roman settlement and while most of the remains lie directly under what is now Chichester city, there are Roman remnants to be found across the city and further afield, from details like the quadrant street layout of the city centre to the Chichester inscription stone and the city walls. See the impressive bath house located on the ground floor of The Novium Museum, as well as their huge collection of Roman objects, then hop over the road to see the exposed mosaic section inside Chichester Cathedral. This excellent guide to Roman Chichester will help you to navigate to the various sites around Chichester

Follow this fantastic family Roman trail to help uncover Roman treasures lying in plain site.

Fishbourne Roman Palace's collection of mosaics are a must-see and accompanied by expertise of the Palace team, you can get a real understanding of the importance of this site - the largest Roman building and only palace found in the UK.

Venture further into the South Downs to experience Bignor Roman Villa (open April - October) where more incredible mosaics await in this peaceful, rural setting - and you can even camp during warmer months. Imagine the Romans waking to these stunning views of the surrounding scenery.

Each May half term the city celebrates its Roman heritage with Roman Week; a week-long programme of talks, workshops and activities, with the highlight being the spectacle of the Roman re-enactment.


The remains of the Roman Bathhouse at The Novium MuseumThe Roman Bath House at The Novium Museum


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