Arundel Contemporary Art Gallery Arundel High Street, England, BN18 9AJ

Arundel Contemporary Art Gallery in located near to the River Arun and is local to the South Downs National Park.

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Arundel Contemporary is an independent art gallery founded in 2009 and dedicated to exhibiting and promoting contemporary British and International artists.

​The gallery is situated in a historic Grade II listed building at 53 Arundel High Street Arundel, which is where the West Sussex Gazette was published from 1853 to 1996. There is a blue plaque attached to the building to mark the newspaper’s 150th anniversary.

Arundel Contemporary occupies the ground and the raised ground floors, providing two exhibition spaces.

​The gallery features an eclectic mix of original art: oil and acrylic paintings, mixed media paintings on canvas and paper, drawings as well as original and Limited Edition prints, etchings and digitial art prints. The gallery has a programme of 5-6 annual exhibitions.

Along with paintings the gallery shows an extensive range of studio ceramics by contemporary British and International ceramicists.

Arundel Contemporary was founded in 2009 and is directed by Maya Coppen. Maya has a Degree in Romano-Germanic Philology, with specialization in American and Western European Literature.

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