Day 1 - Morning

A fun and personal way to be introduced to the amazing marine life that can be found on our shores.

The day begins with a personal guided Ecology Walk to introduce you the often overlooked life on our shores, find out about the Selsey Bill and Hounds Conservation Zone.

Learn about their life and challenges as your SSI Marine Ecology Instructor shows you were to look and provide you with facts and information on with a section on the fishing heritage of Selsey. Concentrating on the Intertidal and Subtidal Ecosystems part walks, talk, and treasure hunt no two walks are ever the same.

After the walk your guide will arrange collection of your pre ordered picnic lunch from Potter’s allowing you to sample some of Selsey famous seafood.

Secret Hidden Gem – Love, romance, hunting in slow motion, war and aerial bombardment all without getting your feet wet!

Mulberry Marine Experiences uses profits to help fund our school ecology clubs, bi-monthly beach cleans and other ecology programmes.

Day 1 - Lunch

A delicious lunch awaits you. What will you choose?

With so many delicious places to eat and drink in and around Chichester we have selected just a few for you to chose from here.  For our extensive list of great places to eat and drink in West Sussex take a look at our Food & Drink page.

Day 1 - Afternoon

After a relaxing lunch break we will take the Ecology tour into the water.

Learn how plan and execute safely a snorkel session and earn the SSI Snorkel Diver recognition. After the planning and rescue fun we move to tour to explore the subtidal ecosystem. Your guide will show you even more life, tips on how to find, get close and facts.

You will learn how to get the best from you equipment, work with a buddy, rescue and assist each other (just in case). All equipment is provided and you get to keep the mask and snorkel set. Suitable for all levels of experience it opens a new way to explore in confidence.

Secret Hidden gem – find out where prawns, sponges, crabs, fish and so much more love to hide. If lucky can even see pipefish – relatives of the sea horse!! All metres from the beach.

Day 2 - Morning & Afternoon

South Downs Guided Mountain Bike Ride

Having explored the blue time to explore the green with a full day guided mountain bike ride on the South Downs starting and finishing at the stunning and secluded village of Charlton in the heart of the Goodwood Estate lead by Marmalade.

Super relaxed you will be picked up from your accommodation by minibus and bike trailer. The loop will take in the Goodwood horseracing circuit, The Trundle and the ancient Kingley Vale nature reserve. Covering 15-20 miles plenty of time to enjoy the views and refreshment. You guide will look after you all the way and eBike and analogue bike hire available to ensure all ages, levels and fitnesses can enjoy the day. Fully Inclusive.

The second half of your day continues your Guided Tour of the South Downs. You can enjoy a picnic lunch with stunning views or save the food until the end and enjoy amazing local food at the Fox Goes Free village pub You choose it is your day!

Top Tip – The South Downs is has been used by man since the Neolithic and is thought to be the site of one of the first civilisations on the south coast. Explore history, nature, and geology.