Visit Kingley Vale Trail

Home to England’s oldest Yew trees, even many local people don’t realise this truly ancient forest is hidden in their midst. An early dawn climb will often see modern day druids practicing their rituals by some of the ancient hill top trees.

Top Tip

There’s some of THE best tree climbing for little (and big!) people in the South Downs


Tinwood Estate wine tours

The chalky soil in the South Downs is almost identical to that of the champagne region in France, which is why our local vineyards produce some of the absolute best wines in the UK.

A wine tour here also ends with several glasses of fizz on their beautiful terrace, what a treat!

Top Tip

Make sure to get a selfie in the Tinwood vineyards amongst the rich hanging vines (with fizz in hand of course)


The Trundle

Quite simply the absolute best view in the South Downs with a full 360 view around. it’s a steep old climb (or run up chalk pit lane for the brave of heart) but worth every step when you reach the top

Top Tip

Perfect for sledding in the winter and picnics in the summer.


Goodwood Racecourse

It’s not all about festival of speed, Revival or Qatar. Goodwood has a jam packed events calendar set in what must be England’s most beautiful racecourse.

It’s super family friendly and who doesn’t love a chance to get a bit dressed up!

Top Tip

Make sure to check out Goodwood’s upcoming events to take full advantage of this stunning location